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Relationship Matters – Counselling, Mediation and Relationship Learning Programs – for individuals, couples and families.

Accessing Services Remotely

Relationship Learning Programs, Mediation and Counselling are offered through telehealth/video and phone as an optional delivery method. We provide one on one, couple counselling and group programs using telehealth platforms and telephone. Our group programs will have a maximum of 6 participants.

Relationship Matters is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote healthy, respectful and fulfilling relationships within the Victorian community.

Relationship Matters recognises relationships in all their diversity and our services are offered to individuals, couples and families regardless of, gender, religious affiliation, race, cultural heritage, sexual orientation or economic circumstance. We are an “Access For All” organisation. Read our commitment to LGBTIQ clients.

We provide a range of relationship services including: Individual counselling, Relationship counselling, Family therapy, Relationship learning programs, 

Family dispute resolution and mediation,Family Violence Prevention ProgramsVicRoad Safe Driving Program and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

We work towards building positive, safe and respectful relationships and the prevention of violence of any nature.

Featured Programs

Roadworthy for Dads

Roadworthy for Dads

This 6-week program is specifically designed with Dads in mind, and caters for dads of babies through to young teenagers. You will discover what it means to be a father, and to develop a positive parenting style.

Tuning in to Teens

Tuning in to Teens

A six-session parenting program for parents of teens to help teens develop emotional intelligence.
Includes how you can communicate more effectively with your teen, understand your teen better, help manage difficult emotions and more

Parenting After Separation

Parenting After Separation

The Parenting After Separation program is designed to support separated parents to co-parent effectively, helping parents and children to successfully adjust to separation and navigate any associated conflict.


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