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Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution

Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution

What is Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution?

Conventional Family Dispute Resolution is conducted between you and your former partner, facilitated by an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Sometimes, if your situation is particularly complex or there is a lot at stake, having your lawyer present can assist you in discussing the matters at hand in a legally informed way.

Having both yours and your former partners lawyer present during the problem solving and agreement-making phase of FDR is called Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution.

Why use Legally Assisted FDR?

By choosing to use legally assisted mediation, you are able to take advice and discuss matters with your lawyers help on the spot. You are able to make agreements with the benefit of their guidance. This can be particularly useful if you want to file your matter with the Family Court.

Legally Assisted FDR is also beneficial when there are family violence issues and you are disqualified from using conventional mediation. It can also assist if you intend to make any agreements with your former partner enforceable court orders.

How do I access Legally Assisted FDR?

Relationship Matters collaborates with a number of established Legal Services to provide Legally Assisted FDR. In some cases, we can assist you to find legal representation, or you can bring your existing lawyer. Either way, both parties require a lawyer to be present in order for this process to occur.

How much does it cost?

Legally Assisted FDR is more costly than conventional mediation as you have the additional cost of your lawyer’s time included.

Relationship Matters is a not-for-profit community organisation and is partially funded by the Federal Government. Our fees are based on how much each of the parties entering the Mediation process earns per year (gross household income).

Our client services staff or a practitioner can advise you of the fee when you make initial contact.

More Information?

For more information, you can call us on 1300 543 396 or email to discuss your situation in more detail.