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Property & Financial Settlement

Property & Financial Settlement

Yours, Mine, Ours – Dividing your Assets

Family Dispute Resolution allows separating couples to discuss, make decisions and agreements regarding the division of all property, money, liabilities and belongings.

Separated couples often get different legal advice regarding property settlement options and then struggle to resolve the differences. This is because each party may give their lawyers different information on assets, contributions to the asset pool, and future needs. This can make property and financial settlement a costly and long litigation process.

Why use FDR for Property and Financial Settlement?

In FDR a list of assets, contributions and future needs is developed together, so both parties can get legal advice based on the same information. At Relationship Matters we strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice during the mediation process. This is in part because any agreements you reach in family dispute resolution are not legally binding.

You can make your agreements legally binding via a Consent Order in the court; or via a Binding Financial Agreement facilitated by lawyers.

Using Family Dispute Resolution services for settling the financial aspect of your relationship means you can avoid going to court and be assured that an independent accredited dispute resolution practitioner facilitates the negotiation process.

Your practitioner will assist you to negotiate more effectively by managing the process in a way which ensures that each party:

  • understands the proposals presented
  • can identify exactly where areas of difference lie between you
  • has an opportunity to express concerns about a particular proposal or a particular aspect of a proposal
  • has an opportunity to express needs for the future or fears about the future
  • has an opportunity to express concerns if they feel the proposal is not ‘just and equitable’.

More Information?

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