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Resolving Conflict through Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Conflict is a fact of life. Whenever you have people with different expectations or opinions there is a potential for conflict.

Conflict is more that just a disagreement, it can have significant personal, financial and health implications if left unresolved.

Most of the time we can resolve our conflicts in a calm, respectful and balanced way. Sometimes we can’t, sometimes we need a qualified Dispute Resolution Practitioner to guide us through the resolution process.

Relationship Matters offers a range of dispute resolution services designed to provide a safe and neutral space for individuals to resolve identified issues. The aim of the negotiation is to find an acceptable outcome to all.

Relationship Matters practitioners work with those in conflict in a neutral, impartial and non-judgmental way.

Practitioners work with you to identify and clarify the issues, consider the options and to make arrangements without having to resort to expensive, time consuming and daunting legal action.

What type of Mediation is best for my situation?

There are two types of conflict resolution processes, Mediation and/or Family Dispute Resolution. Family Dispute Resolution is the process separating couples use to agree on issues such as parenting arrangements, property and financial settlement.

There are many types of general mediation which can be used to resolve a variety of issues from disputes between neighbours to conflict between siblings and the care of elderly parents. See below for links to specific types of mediation.

How much does it cost?

Relationship Matters is a not-for-profit community organisation and is partially funded by the Federal Government. Our fees are based on how much each of the parties entering the Mediation process earns per year (gross household income).

The cost will be discussed with you when you call to make an enquiry. If at any time your circumstances change, you can discuss your fees with your practitioner or our Client Services team.

Links to specific types of dispute resolution services