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Workplace Services

Workplace Services

Relationship Matters in the Workplace provides a range of services including…

Specialist Consulting for your organisation such as independent investigations, mediation, policy review and workplace audits/health checks, Training Solutions offered through our customised in-house courses or E-Learning packages, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) including critical incident debriefings and a manager hotline.

The Relationship Matters in the Workplace team of professional Consultants are experts in all workplace related matters and bring together a wealth of experience, skills and insights from a range of different industries and disciplines.

Our team can offer an array of specialist mediation, training, coaching, eLearning and EAP services that can help you build resilience and competency within your organisation, mitigate risk and resolve any immediate issues you may be experiencing within the workplace.

In addition to the core consultancy and administrative team Relationship Matters in the Workplace also has a team of sessional Consultants available to work on key projects and an in-house administrative team that can provide online training and consulting solutions.

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