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A statement by Relationship Matters Board in support of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament

At Relationship Matters, we are committed to building a caring, compassionate, and just society. That’s why we proudly support the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the upcoming referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament. We accept with honour the invitation of the Uluru Statement to “walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future”.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart, crafted by over 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, calls for constitutional reforms to empower Indigenous Australians and address the ongoing impacts of colonialism and discrimination. One of its key recommendations is the establishment of a ‘Voice to Parliament’, a representative body for Indigenous Australians established under the Australian Constitution, giving them a formal platform to participate in decision-making processes that affect them.

As an organisation committed to hearing all voices, we encourage our staff to make an informed vote in the referendum by seeking out information and resources and listening closely to understand. We acknowledge that there may be different views within our team and the wider community, but we believe that respectful dialogue and engagement are essential to achieving a better future for all Australians.

As an organisation, we acknowledge that this land was never ceded, and it always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. We support Indigenous Australians and their aspirations for greater self-determination and representation in the political process. Together, let’s walk with Indigenous Australians in a movement for a better future, where everyone has an equal say and an equal opportunity to thrive.

James McCarthy OAM   – Chairperson

Maya Avdibegovic – Chief Executive Officer


Download statement here Statement of Support -YES23