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Section 60I Certificate

Section 60I Certificate

What is a Section 60I Certificate

It is a requirement under the Family Law Act 1975 that separating couples wanting to apply to the Court for a parenting order need to first indicate that a genuine effort to resolve the dispute by family dispute resolution has been attempted.

To show that a genuine attempt has been made couples are required to obtain a certificate 60I. Only registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners can issue a Section 60I certificate.

There are five types of section 60I certificates that can be issued, these are:

  • you did not attend because the other party refused or failed to attend;
  • you did not attend because the practitioner (mediator) considered that your circumstances were not appropriate for Family Dispute Resolution;
  • you attended and the parties made a genuine effort to resolve the issues; or
  • you did attend and the other party (or you) did not make a genuine effort to resolve issues.
  • You and the other party started the mediation process, but the practitioner considered that it would not be appropriate to continue

The Court requires that a copy of the Section 60I certificate be filed with the Court Application.

Relationship Matters is able to provide parties with the appropriate 60I certificate.

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