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Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation

Supporting and Caring for our Elders

The one constant in life is change. At Relationship Matters we provide opportunities for families to come together to discuss changes affecting all members of a family, especially older members. By creating a safe, respectful and listening environment, families can discuss important life changing decisions such as where to live, medical care, property and financial matters.

If you are thinking about or making an arrangement with your family about:

  • Selling your home and giving the money to someone who has agreed to care for you
  • Moving in with a relative
  • Transferring property
  • Giving or lending money
  • Moving to shared or aged care

You can speak to our experienced elder Mediator about our facilitated family meetings for older people and their families.

What is Elder Mediation?

Elder Mediation is a process facilitated by professional mediators and aims to assist older people, their families and significant others with difficult conversations. Mediation can help families to make plans and to reach outcomes to disagreements. The focus of Elder Mediation is to ensure that outcomes respect the rights and enhance the safety of older people.

How does Elder Mediation Work?

The first step in the process is for all members of the family (or those involved in the discussion) to meet individually with the independent Mediator. This meeting usually last for an hour and helps the mediator to clarify and understand the issue you and your family wish to discuss and resolve.

If after this first meeting, its agreed that mediation is the right way forward, a suitable time will made for everyone to get together. At this meeting the mediator will ask everyone to set the agenda in regards to what is most important to discuss, people opportunities and space to talk about their common issues and concerns and how these can be resolved to everyones satisfaction.

After this meeting the Mediator, if required, will document any agreements made. This document is not legally binding, you will need to contact a lawyer to assist in making any mediation outcomes legally binding.

How much does Elder Mediation Cost?

Relationship Matters is a not-for-profit community organisation and is partially funded by the Federal Government. Our fees are based on how much each of the parties entering the Mediation process earns per year (gross household income).

The cost will be discussed with you when you call to make an enquiry.

Want More Information or to Make an appointment?

If you would like more information call us on 1300 543 396 to discuss your situation and how we can help you. You can also request a call back by using the ‘Request an Appointment’ form at the top of this page.