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Client Charter

Relationship Matters Client Charter of Rights

Relationship Matters is committed to building positive, safe and respectful personal and professional relationships by providing exceptional and responsive services to the Victorian community. Relationship Matters reflects a compassionate concern for those experiencing relationship difficulties, isolation and hurt and celebrates the joy of positive relationships.


You have the right to:

  • participate in the formulation of all plans relating to your situation
  • request a review at any time
  • request a referral to other services
  • give feedback about the service at any time
  • decline to participate with any request that you believe to be unreasonable
  • decline the participation of others not directly related to your situation such as students on placement or trainee staff.


Relationship Matters undertakes to provide you with the best service we can. To assist us to help you, we request that you:

  • respect the privacy of others attending the service
  • notify us if you have special needs or require the services of an interpreter
  • keep appointments and/or if unable to attend notify Relationship Matters as soon as possible
  • be as honest as you can about your situation
  • participate in the development of a counselling plan and other interventions where appropriate
  • treat staff with courtesy and respect
  • attend the service free from the influence of alcohol or other substances that may impact on your ability to engage with the work.

Relationship Matters is focused on providing you with excellent client service and welcomes your feedback so we can continually improve client experiences.

Relationship Matters staff have a sensitivity to, and awareness of, diverse communities including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, intersex, queer, asexual and questioning (LGBTIQ+) and culturally and linguistically diverse people. This includes an awareness of the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and communities.


Ethical Standards

Relationship Matters recognises the essential dignity of each and every person and our practices are supported by the following ethical standards:

  1. Relationship Matters services are to be used only for the good of the organisation and not for personal gain or profit by our staff or Board members.
  2. Relationship Matters policy of confidentiality is paramount.
  3. All Relationship Matters staff have a responsibility for preventing situations which may cause harm to themselves or others, by working safely and identifying risks to safety.
  4. No staff will engage in any sexual relationship with client/s or former clients.
  5. Counselling will not be provided to members of Relationship Matters staff, their partners or direct family members.


Your right to confidentiality in counselling and family dispute resolution is protected under the Family Law Act 1975. Confidentiality is limited, however, when a counsellor or a family dispute resolution practitioner suspects child abuse or reasonably believes there is a threat to a child, another person, property or public safety.

Privacy Statement

Relationship Matters is committed to providing you with a quality service which includes ensuring that your privacy is maintained. We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Health Records Act 2001 under which you are entitled to:

  1. know why your personal information is being collected and how it will be used;
  2. ask for access to your records, including your health information;
  3. take up opportunities to stop receiving direct marketing material;
  4. correct inaccurate information about you;
  5. know which organisations will be given your personal information;
  6. ensure organisations only use your information for purposes they have told you about;
  7. find out what information an organisation keeps about you and how they manage it.

Relationship Matters is committed to providing you with excellent client service and welcomes positive feedback on the services we have provided you and any feedback on how we might do things better.

Relationship Matters Feedback Policy

Relationship Matters aims to provide excellent client service and positive client experiences. We welcome feedback, including complaints, on any services you have received.  If you would like to share your feedback, please:

  1. Speak with the staff member who provided your service.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can ask to speak with the staff member’s Manager.
  3. If you remain unsatisfied with the response, you can contact the Executive Manager Service Development and Quality, by phone, letter or email at to describe your situation and what outcome you are seeking.

When we receive any written complaints, we will:

  1. acknowledge your concern (within 2 days)
  2. investigate any complaint
  3. provide an appropriate response
  4. advise you of our response (within 20 days)

You are welcome to discuss our response if you believe the issue is not resolved.  If it remains unresolved, you can complain to:

  • the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) 1300 653 227
  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (if the concern relates to privacy and information handling). Please note the complaint must be in writing and for further information, call their enquiries line 1300 363 992.

Please talk with your counsellor, dispute resolution practitioner or course facilitator if you have any questions about this Charter or if you would like further information about Relationship Matters privacy policy or complaint handling practices.