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Parenting After Separation

Parenting After Separation

Program Description

The Parenting After Separation program is designed to support separated parents to co-parent effectively, as well as helping parents and children to successfully adjust to separation and navigate any associated conflict. Parenting After Separation is a recognised court-ordered program, and participants will be provided with a Certificate of Completion on completion.

Please note: All participants are required to complete a 1-hour intake with a qualified practitioner to assess which program will be most suitable for the client. This intake comprises questions that participants will be required to answer in relation to the relationship with the co-parent and their child/ren.

Program Topics

The program aims to cover the following topics:

  • Supporting yourself and your children with coming to terms with separation and its associated losses and challenges.
  • Understanding different parenting and co-parenting styles.
  • Strategies to resolve conflict and improve communication with your co-parent.
  • Keeping the focus on your children and the conflict away from them.
  • Learning what is in your control and what is not.
  • Developing self-care strategies and learning how to look after yourself.


FAQ’s Parenting After Separation – Click to view frequently asked questions about the program. 

We offer 3 learning options:

1. Self-guided Program

Learn the content in the comfort of your home, with the flexibility to complete the 6 online modules within a 4-week period. Once completed, you will be invited to attend a 2-hour Zoom Group (various days and times offered) facilitated by an experienced staff member, and where you will meet other parents going through separation.

The 6 modules include presentations, interviews, quizzes, reflection exercises and other learning modes designed to support parents to co-parent more effectively.


2. Online Group Learning via Zoom

Join other parents and an experienced facilitator in a small online group environment. You will complete 2 x 3-hour sessions (a week apart) via Zoom. There are a variety of times and days to choose from each term. This mode of learning combines presentations, video clips, group discussions, and activities to support your learning.


3. In Person

Our in-person learning is a great option for those who prefer to learn face-to-face, and who might be located near one of our offices. This intensive program is currently offered at Relationship Matters’ Melbourne CBD, Frankston, and Geelong offices. This mode of learning is facilitated by two qualified staff members and participant numbers are kept to a maximum of 8-10. This mode of learning includes a presentation, discussions, and group activities.