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Video Resources for Professionals

A Suite of Video & Recommended Resources for Teachers, Doctors and Mental Health Professionals


This project was developed to provide better education of key professionals who intersect in the lives of adoptees. We hope this will support professionals to understand adoptees and hear their voices to give them an in-depth knowledge of their experiences which will identify and provide much-needed post-adoption support. 


This professional development education series was developed in collaboration with Relationship Matters and InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV).

Webinars - Professionals

You can view the webinars on the following links. Powerpoint presentations are available for some of the webinars. Please email contact@relationshipmatters.com.au if you would like a copy.

Community of Practice – 2020 and 2021
Intercountry Adoption and Clinical Practice: What clinicians, and other professionals, need to know when working with members of the intercountry adoption community.


Acknowledging Pre-adoption Trauma and Loss in the Intercountry Adoption Story

Nikki Hartmann 

Manager, Post Adoption and Forced Adoption Support Services, RASA


Impacts of Intercountry Adoption Across the Life Course

Dr Jeanette (Jenny) Conrick

Lecturer-Department of Social Work  

Melbourne School of Health Sciences

Identity, Belonging and Family: The Experiences and Perspectives of Adult Intercountry Adoptees

Dr Elizabeth Seong Goode

Teaching academic with a PhD in Communication and Media Arts

Southern Cross University

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