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Roadworthy for Dads

Roadworthy for Dads


Roadworthy for Dads is a 6 week program designed specifically for dads of babies to young teenagers. You will discover:

  • what it means to be a parent (the nuts and bolts of parenting).
  • how to develop a healthy parenting style.
  • how to improve family communication and handle conflict with respect.
  • practical tools to help stay calm and avoid the potholes of parenting.
  • how to tune into your kids at different stages and different ages.
  • how to work as a team to make a positive difference.
  • how to look after yourself and make sure you’re firing on all cylinders.

The program will include:

    • Entertaining multi-media presentations and interaction
    • Practical insights and strategies
    • Comprehensive practical manual
    • Highly visual – good for all levels of literacy. No exams!

FAQ’s Roadworthy for Dads
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Prerequisites to join the program:

  • Intake with a practitioner to assess suitability for program*

*A more suitable program may be offered

Cost of this program $250 (concession available)


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