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Parenting After Separation

Program Description

The Parenting After Separation (PAS) program provides parents with key information and strategies to assist you and your children to successfully adjust to separation and/or associated conflict. This is a court ordered recognised program.

Program Topics

The program aims to cover the following topics:

  •  Coming to terms with separation
  • Managing your relationship with the other parent
  • Strategies to resolve conflict and improve communication with the other parent
  • Keeping conflict away from kids  
  • Learning about your children’s ages and stages and responses to separation
  • Understanding the key elements of family law  
  • Developing self care strategies and learning how to look after yourself 

We offer 3 learning options:

1. Self-guided Program

Comprising of 6 modules and a virtual workshop group. Learning can take place in your own time over within a 4 week period.  It includes presentations, interviews, quizzes, reflection exercises and other learning modes designed to support parents to co-parent more effectively. 


2. Online Group Learning via Zoom

Completed in 2 sessions across 2 days (one week apart) – 3 hours per day, this mode of learning comprises of small groups and a facilitator via Zoom. Learning combines group work, film clips, discussion and reading to support your learning.


3. In Person

Our face to face learning is a full day, combining different learning techniques including, discussion, presentations,   group work, film clips, role plays, demonstration and readings.