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Parenting After Separation (In Person)

Parenting After Separation (In Person)


The Parenting After Separation (PAS) program provides parents with key information and strategies to assist for you and your children to successfully adjust to separation and/or associated conflict.

Our face to face learning program is held on one of our Relationship Matters locations. Working with counsellors, this full day program (10.00am-4.30pm) is a practical, hands on experience with  other learners. This program option combines different ways of learning including writing, reading, discussion, presentations, projects, group work, film clips, demonstration and practice.

Program Elements:

  • Intake with a practitioner 
  • 6 hour group workshop in person
  • Learning support materials
  • Completion certificate, court approved.

Online prerequisites to join the face-to-face program:

  • Intake with a practitioner to assess suitability for program*

Cost of this program is $120.00

Due to COVID, groups are restricted. Please click here to reserve your seat and you will be contacted with a time and date. These programs are offered across Monday to Friday from 10.00am-4.30pm.

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