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Parenting After Separation (In Person)

Parenting After Separation (In Person)


The Parenting After Separation program is designed to support separated parents to co-parent effectively, as well as helping parents and children to successfully adjust to separation and navigate any associated conflict. Parenting After Separation is a recognised court-ordered program, and participants will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance on completion.

Our full day intensive face-to-face learning program is held at one of our Relationship Matters locations. Facilitated by two qualified practitioners, this full 6.5-hour day program is a practical, hands-on way to learn the Parenting After Separation content.

Program Elements:

  • One-hour intake with a practitioner
  • 5-hour group workshop in person
  • Learning support materials provided
  • Court-approved Completion Certificate provided.

Intake Requirement

All participants are required to complete a 1-hour intake with a qualified practitioner to assess which program will be most suitable for the client. This intake comprises questions that participants will be required to answer in relation to the relationship with the co-parent and their child/ren.

Cost of this program is $150.00

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