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Education Seminars

Education Seminars

Education Seminars for Intercountry Adoptive Families

Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service (ICAFS) provides a range of on and offline education seminars and workshops to raise awareness and increase skills and knowledge of wide ranging topics and issues related to intercountry adoption.

On this page we will be highlighting upcoming seminar topics and dates, as well as providing access to past events and educational resources.


PAST SEMINARS – Online Interactive

An introduction to Loss and Grief and how this connects to Intercountry Adoption

Just as with adults, the way in which children experience and express grief after a significant loss in their lives is influenced by many things. This webinar will offer an introduction to Loss and Grief and how this connects to Intercountry adoption.

Identity and Belonging – Parenting Intercountry Adopted Teens

The 21st century represents new opportunities and challenges for family life and parenting. Parents of intercountry adopted children have additional worries as the tasks of identity formation and belonging have added complexity during the adolescent years.

This online interactive workshop covered the following topics:

  • Identify issues in raising adolescents today
  • What is similar and also different in parenting children who are in permanent care and adoption
  • Should I be worried? Sign posts for identifying concerns
  • Adolescent Development – Some key themes
  • Specific areas of concern for parents
  • Approaches for parents in caring for their adolescents in today’s context
  • Commit to specific parenting efforts intended to strengthen parent-teen relationships.

Recognise and Repair – Addressing the uniqueness of adoptive parenting

Parenting children through adoption can be exceptionally rewarding, but it is also a demanding and challenging task which requires great skill and sensitivity.  This workshop was intended to provide adoptive parents with a framework to better understand the behaviour of their children so they can settle and flourish in their family.

The workshop was based on Trauma and Attachment Theory and on how the interactions in daily family life are a vehicle through which children can be moved towards security.

To gain access to the recording of these seminar please contact our Intercountry Adoption Family Support Coordinator at or via phone on 1300 543 396.

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