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Self Care

Self Care

About the course

People who care for others in different capacities are generally passionate about what they do, but doing what we can to help can come at a cost and cause us problems. In the past we would have talked about burnout – a sense of not being able to cope with the job – Now we look to the stage before burnout and call it Compassion Fatigue or Vicarious Trauma. We now know how important it is to look after ourselves. This program focuses on the impact of compassion fatigue and strategies for looking after yourself

Who will benefit

All staff will benefit from the understanding of the importance of looking after ourselves and the impact that our work can have on our wellbeing.

What we will cover

  • The cost of Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue
  • Impact on Feelings, thoughts, mood and behaviours,
  • Coping strategies:
  • Developing a personal resilience plan

Suitable for

Staff, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers

How to Book

This course is currently provided on an as needs basis, either onsite or at Relationship Matters. If you would like to know more or book this training for your staff, please email or call (03) 8650 6200.