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Circle of Security

Circle of Security

The Circle of Security program is a parent education and intervention initiative designed to enhance the relationship between parents and their children. The program focuses on helping parents understand and meet their children’s emotional needs to foster secure attachment, resilience, and readiness for school.

Key features of the Circle of Security program include:

  • Target Audience: The program is specifically designed for parents and caregivers of children up to 5 years of age.
  • Development of Child’s Emotional Well-being: Through the program, parents learn how to develop their child’s self-esteem, trust, and sense of security.
  • Exploration and Safety: The program encourages children to explore their world, knowing they have a safe haven to return to, promoting a sense of comfort and safety.
  • Parental Confidence: Participants learn practical strategies to build their confidence in parenting young children, enhancing their ability to provide emotional support.

By participating in the Circle of Security program, parents and caregivers are equipped with the tools and understanding necessary to create a nurturing and secure environment for their young children, ultimately supporting their emotional and developmental growth.

If you are a third party interested in referring a client to our program, please reach out to us via email at for further assistance.


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