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Workplace Anger Management

Workplace Anger Management

About the course

We have all experienced someone’s anger either at work or in our personal life, but we have also expressed anger ourselves. This presentation is not just about managing other people’s anger but also an opportunity to reflect on our own emotions and behaviour. The way we respond has an impact on the successful outcomes of the interaction

Who will benefit?

Staff, managers and supervisors who have had to manage their own anger and that of others

What we will cover

  • Understand conflict and aggressive behaviour escalates.
  • Identify causes and recognise signs of potential conflict/ aggression
  • Explore strategies to diffuse and resolve situations to manage it constructively and strengthen your personal and professional relationships
  • Understand ourselves and learn strategies to better manage ourselves and others.

Suitable For

Staff, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers

How to Book

This course is currently provided on an as needs basis, either onsite or at Relationship Matters. If you would like to know more or book this training for your staff, please email or call (03) 8650 6200.