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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

About the course

Alcohol and drugs cost the Australian workplace estimated 6 Billion per year with 2.5 million days lost annually at a cost of$680 million. In regard to the impact on employees who use substances at work, around 1 in 10 workers experience negative effects associated with co-workers’ misuse of alcohol, are more likely to be absent, take sick leave and be involved in a workplace accident. This program will discuss prevalence of substance abuse in the workplace, impact on work, health, and family, warning signs of substance abuse and where to get help.

Who will benefit

All staff will be informed of expectations of behaviour and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

What we will cover

  • prevalence of substance abuse in the workplace
  • impact on work, health, family
  • Warning signs of substance abuse
  • Where to get help

Suitable for

Staff, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers

How to Book

This course is currently provided on an as needs basis, either onsite or at Relationship Matters. If you would like to know more or book this training for your staff, please email workplace@Relationship or call (03) 8650 6200.