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Rejuvenate our Relationship (Private Session)

Rejuvenate our Relationship (Private Session)


In our increasingly busy lives, finding time to nurture and strengthen our relationship is often a challenge. Relationship Matters’ ‘Rejuvenate our Relationship’ program offers the opportunity for you and your partner to take time out, reconnect and take your relationship to a new level.

This evidence-based relationship program is based on the best international research currently available. You and your partner will learn how to strengthen your love and admiration for each other, work as a team and discover important principles for improving your relationship over the long term. You will also learn new skills to deal with your partner’s (and your own) reactions when you don’t see eye to eye.

Program Topics

Topics and areas to be covered include:

  • handling and resolving differences
  • staying emotionally tuned-in to each other
  • re-igniting and sustaining the spark

Program Duration & Fees

  • 4 hour program that can be delivered over one or two sessions.
  • Program can be delivered face-to-face at Relationship Matters office or via video link.
  • $300 (no concession)

Prerequisites to join the program:

  • Intake with a practitioner to assess suitability for program*

*A more suitable program may be offered

Suitable For

  • All couples at any life stage, long term relationships, same-sex couples.
  • Not Suitable for couples where there is intimidation, violence, addiction or unaddressed mental health issues.


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