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Positive Co-Parenting

Positive Co-Parenting

About this course

As working parents, our goals for our children will be achieved but the road to getting there will be fraught with emotions, concerns and fatigue. This program provides an opportunity to reflect on how the journey is going, what can be done to make the journey a bit easier or at least be better prepared for some of the highs and lows of parenting, while juggling the demands of work. It highlights some key childhood developmental milestones and provides a framework to manage the occasional challenging behaviours that parents sometimes face.

Who will benefit

This program is designed for working parents to clarify the importance of developmental stages b a child’s development and behaviour.

What we will cover

  • How temperament influences family life
  • Children’s Social development
  • The goals of misbehaviour
  • Discipline vs setting limits
  • Parent’s Role: Consistency & Flexibility
  • Do’s and don’ts

Prerequisites to join the program:

  • Intake with a practitioner to assess suitability for program*

*A more suitable program may be offered

Suitable for

Working parents of children any age

Program Duration & Fees

  • 3 hour program that is delivered over two  1.5 hour sessions.
  • Program can be delivered face-to-face at Relationship Matters or via video link.
  • $300 (no concession)

Expression of Interest

We are not currently accepting bookings for this program. You can send an Expression of Interest and we will contact you once the program is available. Please email or call 1300 543 396.