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Performance Management Skills

Performance Management Skills

About the course

To successfully support effective performance management systems, managers and supervisors need to be able to hold effective ongoing conversations with their staff all during the year.  They must be able to successfully share both positive and constructive feedback in a meaningful way that adds value to the employee’s performance and to the ‘bottom line’ of the organisations key performance indicators.  And they need to understand and apply a more formal corrective process when the performance or behaviour of an employee is not satisfactory.

This workshop is designed to provide practical skills and strategies so that participants are better able to tackle the challenging issues that can arise around staff behaviour and performance.

Who will benefit?

Newly appointed managers and managers wishing to up skill in this area.

What we will cover

  • Understanding the critical nature of having ongoing conversations with staff and the role of feedback
  • Identifying underlying causes of employee behaviour and performance
  • Understanding the managers role in dealing with underperforming or difficult staff behaviour (including the importance of documenting any actions taken)
  • Relevant and current legislative framework, including an overview of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • The difference between reasonable performance management actions and bullying
  • Appreciating how performance management is linked to business activities and people management responsibilities
  • Manager/Supervisor role, responsibilities and liabilities
  • Applying organisational counselling and disciplinary policies
  • Relevant investigative principles in disciplinary matters such as natural justive, reasonable person test and importance of establishing facts
  • How to remain objective and recognise and control emotions when managing challenging staff situations

How to book this course

This course is currently delivered on-site, please call us on (03) 8650 6200 or email workplace@Relationship to arrange a quote,