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Managing Stress

Managing Stress

About this course

Stress is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response to pressure that exceeds one‘s perceived ability to cope. Our ability to manage the daily stresses that we encounter will ensure our health and well-being. This program looks at the impact of stress and how we can minimise the negative impact on our health and well being

Who will benefit?

All staff will benefit from effectively managing stress

What we will cover

  • Stress and how it impacts on us
  • Healthy and unhealthy stress; key stressors
  • What unhealthy stresses can lead to
  • Recognising Stress
  • Strategies to manage stress

Suitable for

Staff, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers

How to Book

This course is currently provided on an as needs basis, either onsite or at Relationship Matters. If you would like to know more or book this training for your staff, please email or call (03) 8650 6200.