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Making Step Families Work

Making Step Families Work


What’s different in step-families?

Living in a step-family brings both challenges and highlights. This program provides an opportunity to explore the unique relationships between couples, children, former partners and extended family within a step-family in a safe and respectful setting.

The program is designed to support you, as you learn and put into practice some of the key concepts and strategies. By stepping out the learning, giving you an opportunity to feedback and discuss how things are going along the way, we believe that you and your family will be able to deal with the challenges and celebrate the highlights.

The program is delivered by experienced facilitators, with an understanding of the uniqueness of blended families. During the program, re-partnered couples will learn more about how to balance everyone’s needs and how to strengthen relationships in their new step-family.

Upon registration, our co-ordinator will contact you to discuss the different elements of the program and to gain an understanding of the unique challenges your family may be facing so this can be incorporated into the program design and delivery.


The first part of the program focuses on providing couples with an opportunity to explore and discuss some of the key areas facing blended families. These topics and areas include:

  • Understanding origins of a stepfamily and debunking stepfamily myths
  • Understanding and dealing with grief and loss in the stepfamily
  • Identifying expectations of each new partner
  • Defining roles, titles and dynamics desired in the new
  • Identifying already existing dynamics between new partners, and children
  • Understanding the importance of self-care
  • Learning healthy communication skills and ways to handle differences
  • Creating new stepfamily rituals of emotional connection

The second part of the program will focus on discussing in detail the concepts covered above and on issues specific to your family. This part of the program gives couples an opportunity to unpack and work through certain challenges, be that specific relationships within the family or externally.

Duration & Fee

  • 4 hour program delivered over two sessions or 4 one hour sessions.
  • Program can be delivered online or in person at Relationship Matters.
  • $300 (no concession)

Program Includes

  • Interactive workshop/style sessions
  • Couple interactive activities
  • Handouts

Suitable For

  • Separated or divorced individuals considering re-partnering
  • Re-partnered couples seeking information to create a healthy step family
  • Re-partnered couples who already identify some struggles in their new step family’s dynamics

Comments from previous participants

“It makes me feel better knowing that my struggles are normal as a step-mum”

“I am glad we came to the program, I feel I can now understand better with my partner’s interaction with his ex-husband makes me so angry”

“I know it still we be hard at times but I feel better equipped to deal with my new partner’s children. Knowing now what she expects from me as a step-dad is very helpful”.


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