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Communication Skills for Couples (Private Session)

Communication Skills for Couples (Private Session)


Are you tired and frustrated at not being able to express your point of view to your partner. Are you having unnecessary arguments about small things? Do you struggle conveying messages to your partner because you think they may be hard to say, hard to hear or difficult to be received?

Mastering the art of communication in a couple relationship is a challenging task for most of us.

Program Topics

Topics and areas to be covered include:

  • Understanding what is healthy communication
  • Strategies and tools to develop communication skills as a couple
  • Conflict resolution within committed relationships
  • Practical skills to build your communication channels

Program Duration & Fees

  • 3 hour program that is delivered over two  1.5 hour sessions.
  • Program can be delivered face-to-face at Relationship Matters or via video link.
  • $300 (no concession)

Prerequisites to join the program:

  • Intake with a practitioner to assess suitability for program*

*A more suitable program may be offered

Suitable For

  • All couples at any life stage, long term relationships, same-sex couples.
  • Not Suitable for couples where there is intimidation, violence, addiction or unaddressed mental health issues.


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