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Code of Conduct Training

Code of Conduct Training

About the course

A Code of Conduct within an organisation helps foster an environment of good governance. Relationship Matters in the Workplace can assist in the development and implementation of a Code of Conduct and provide training to build awareness and understanding within the organisation.

This program can provide a framework that sets out expected standards of personal and professional behaviour and in some organisations satisfies statutory obligations. Participants will gain confidence developing a framework and also in designing and delivering a training program that imparts awareness of the Code to staff.

Who will benefit?

Team leaders, Supervisors and Managers at all levels.

What we will cover

  • Legislation developments relevant to the code such as
    • Conflict of interest
    • HR charter
  • Practical examples of code application
  • What happens of the code is breached?

How to book this course

This course can be delivered on-site, please call us on (03) 8650 6200 or email workplace@Relationship to arrange a quote.